An urban term meaning 'for sure', hip hop language.
you going to that game concert tonight G? ''Fo Sho''
by Bailzz January 06, 2007
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Urban version of 'for sure'.
"You comin to dat big partay tonight ma brutha?"
"Yeahh fo sho dawg!"
by Shai Green May 23, 2008
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The best way to say yes,okay,fine,alrite,definetly,sure and hell yea.
Andrey:Yo Vlad you want to play some football?
Vlad:Fo Sho!
by Andre April 25, 2005
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1-another word for yeah

2-another word say that that outfit is for only show
1-"you cumin' to the party tonite ?" "fo-sho "

2-"that jacket is fo-sho "
"what u mean ?"
"i mean that you only wear it because you want to show off and i know you cold"
by storm1 February 24, 2007
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'For Sure' or Most definetly... Also meaning of course, or yes, yeah, ja, si, mmm hmmm , uh huh...
>Yo' Homme you wanna hit up that joint t'night?
>'Oh Fo' Sho' Dawg...
by JB February 13, 2003
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