A relationship in which partners are monogamous only with respect to the exchange of bodily fluids. Other activity with other partners, like safe sex, BDSM play, a brisk walk, etc. may be allowed or negotiable.
Sure, you can fuck my ass, face, and pussy, in that order! You'll just have to use a condom - my husband and I are in a fluid bond.
by vandalini January 28, 2010
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To allow one's bodily fluids to mix with another person during sex without use of protection, such as a condom.
I told him I wouldn't have sex with him without a condom. Unless I'm in a relationship, I don't do fluid bonding.
by got ca milf April 18, 2009
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bound by fluids. linked by fluids. fluids have passed between.
Jack fucked Jill bareback and he got
Gono-Syphla-Herpe-AIDS... A very bad thing!
by Alex Kyzer November 15, 2004
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