When you don't wash your balls for about three weeks, causing your pubes to turn a certain color, then tea-bagging a girl.
James: Damn did you see me tea bag that girl?
Rick: Hell ya she got that florida orange!
by Thomas Ricciardi February 5, 2008
When a two females put oranges in their vaginas and let one male eat them out.
Brianna and Beth did the Florida orange with Stan last night in the hotel room.
by Everythingzen March 13, 2015
After you but fuck a girl and cum in her ass then, suck it out with a straw.
Ass Fucking then sucken with a straw.
by Landon April 30, 2004
Somewhat like a Cincinatti Surprise, except that you urinate into a balloon rather than defecate into a pillow case. You then throw the piss-filled balloon(like a water balloon) at someone and then watch as it bursts splattering the piss all over his/her face.
That mime was really boring and getting on everyone's nerves, so I've decided to pull the ol' Florida Orange Juice Surprise on him and watch as his white makeup gets totally ruined, his costume getting stained with piss, and everyone mocking, deriding, and laughing at him.
by Mark H August 25, 2004
That kid in a YouTube video in an orange shirt who flips his fucking shit when his mom takes his gtaV, and begins crying and screaming profusely. Is also rumored to be mason linton of logan hocking high school, though he denies all of these claims everyone knows it is him and he can no longer hide it.
Yo, Florida orange shirt kid looks exactly like mason linton.
by EatDatPussy 445 March 14, 2019
That kid in the YouTube video where his mom took his gta V and began freaking the fuck out and screaming and crying in the process. Is also rumored to be the thiccest nigga in logan hocking high school ,mason linton, though he denies it everyone knows it is him and will expose his ass eventually.
Orange Florida shirt kid is apparently mason linton but he completely denis anything that he is related to it.
by EatDatPussy 445 March 14, 2019