v. to take the parts given and figure out how to put them together. this can be in a figurativly or not.

v. to come up with the details once a guideline has been given.

term actually comes from the artworld, particualrly drawing. to do action, alot of cartoonists and drawers will draw the person in a line-contour form. this helps with proportion and what not. Once the guidelines and proportions are done, you draw the actual body, or "flesh", and face and the other details.
1) "ok, the federal government has given us new rules for making telemarketing calls, so we need to flesh out exactly how we'll handle these situations and still make money"

2) the teacher told us how we have to do our final project... i got all my ideas... now i just need to flesh out exactly how i'll do it...!
by brandon October 01, 2004
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When a male individual whips out his genitalia
To clear up everyone's confusion, John Silva took his flesh out in the design meeting.
by FleshOutJunkie April 29, 2009
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Lame-ass consultant speak meaning to add detail around something. Typically used by Deloitte or Accenture Project Managers to sound like they are a too-cool-to-say-regular-English-cuz-I'm-a-friggin'-consultant employee.
"Give me the workplan tomorrow and Bill and I will flesh out the tasks."
by Some Consultant April 20, 2004
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Given more dept or detail.
The story was too simple. The characters were to plain and needed to be fleshed out more.
by Subject7 August 08, 2011
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v. 1. phrase used by "urban" Christians to describe a Christian in temporal state of immorality; operating in the flesh.
Christianity uses the "flesh" to identify sinful nature that is attributed to all mankind. This is not extrememly common to the average person due to the seldom combination of inner city youth and a true Christian walk.
(a Christian says)I'm tired of seeing all the beautiful women go to the club with their hot, steamy, voluptuous....Oh, my bad guys I just got fleshed out there for a minute.
by barrettDC June 30, 2005
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Add detail to an idea or plan. Related to "put meat on the bone". Sometimes incorrectly stated as "flush it out"
I like your plan, flesh it out.
by Flash Gordon P March 20, 2014
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