Full flavor is a music genre that was first brought to life by an artist by the name "Karetus".

Full flavor is a insane mashup of various music genres in one song.
It's not how you make music, it's more about how you make the audience feel.

The original full flavor consist the following genres:

Though, Full Flavor is not restricted to these specific genres only.
Homo sapien 1: I love listening to Full Flavor.
Homo sapien 2: Same bruh, it's my favorite genre.
Homo sapien 1: Yeah!
by January 10, 2017
This is a destination that has amazing food. Since the food is so good, this must be where flavor lives, and you have to get there. Commonly referenced on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network.
Man I need I to buy a one way ticket to Flavor Town and go get me some Chicken Tacos at that Restaurant.
by Flavor Dude March 15, 2010
A smoker's destination. From an old Marlboro ad. Sometimes used sarcastically.
Boss Lady: Ladies, are you smoking in the building?
Patty, Selma: Um, well, er, uh...
Homer: These are mine. (Takes drag from both cigarettes, coughs violently). I am in Flavor Country.
Boss Lady: Both are yours?
Homer: It is a big country.
-The Simpsons
by Comrade 47 September 19, 2008
A romantic interest or hook-up lasting for a short period, often one day or less.
Is Cyndi going out with Scott? No she's just his flavor of the day.
by Balibago October 12, 2013
The act of a man having anal sex with a girl and then removing it to ejaculate inside her mouth while she is giving him a blow job.
by Tyefromnj1 March 15, 2009
To reciprocate the giving of an item or action of a "sweet", "dope", etc or enjoyable quality (flavor).
Thanks for that sick cd, I'll return the flavor when I see you in a couple weeks.

Man, thanks for letting me in on that dank. But don't worry, I'll return the flavor soon enough.
by Little Bhask November 2, 2009
the feeling of boredom one experiences after eating some percentage of a (usually) large portion of food that has pushed their taste buds to the limits of tolerance for the same food. flavor fatigue can be embarrassing because one may have been excited to eat their favorite pasta, but halfway through their meal has become bored with the flavor and wishes he or she did not have such a large amount of leftover food.
After eating through half of his massive cheeseburger, the boy became afflicted with flavor fatigue and wished he had simply ordered some chicken fingers instead.
by DJDonkaJunce July 8, 2010