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1. the balance art of dancing like your on fire and yelling out random words perferably a way to kill akward silance between one another

2. when you stand up and put your arms in the air swaying them back and forth and yelling whoo alot of times; a great way to live up the party
Uriah- man this club is so boring

Andre- huh i know rite

Uriah- im about to get it poppin time to dothe flaming asian

Andre- your such a prune
by rief3rd July 03, 2010
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Someone of asian descent that dresses like a yaoi anime character but looks completely normal in an outfit that is unacceptable for anyone of any other race.
Mark: Hey do you see that Asian in a Lolita dress with cat ears and like a million rainbow barrettes?
Steve: Yeah, thats one flaming Asian.
by I.Swear.Im.Not.On.Drugs January 08, 2018
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