1. A common meal in Mexico. A fresh tortilla or taco shell filled with salmon, sardines, chilli relish, beans, onion, peppers, corn and topped off with smooth gaucomole.

2. A dirty, fishy-smelling vagina
1. Man that fish taco I had the other night made me shit my guts out!

2. Guy 1: So I took off her panties...
Guy 2: Yeah....
Guy 1: And something smelt bad....
Guy 2: Aww no
Guy 1: Yep. She had a fish taco.
by samsam123 January 06, 2008
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When the pussy smells like a fish taco.
Mike: Mann, i fucked this bitch last night, she had a fish taco

Chris: Ew. What did it taste like?
by iforgetmynamefuckrhdfsdfsdfsdf January 10, 2011
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The act of using a warm tortilla in lieu of a dental damn while vigorously licking a stinky vagina. The fish taco can produce a variety of flavors to include but not limited to tuna, salmon, and mango habanero shrimp.
What did you have for lunch today?

I skipped lunch and ate a fish taco at your mom's house.
by Arod1465 September 14, 2019
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Word describing a womens vagina that follows these guidelines

1. Looks like a taco you would get when the maker stuffs the shell too much and the fucking fillings going all over the place

2.smells terrible and u can barely finish her off because the stench is soooooo bad, like a fish
I took that chicks panties off with my teeth and could immediatly tell I was dealing with a fish taco.
by thecman April 21, 2007
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foul, smell creature with severe acne who roams the plainfield land. See nasty, vile or raunchy.
"That Megan Trompeter is such a fish taco!"
by SERDNAISAPLAYA April 26, 2009
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A delicious dish cooked up for the "lazy brunch" section of Something for the Weekend an appropriately named show if it's going to use such innuendo. Created by Mr. Simon Rimmer, no relation to "smoke me a kipper" Rimmer
Today we'll be cooking up a delicious Fish Taco (said in a light scouse accent)
by Expert Pedestrian June 21, 2010
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