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someone whos a flake
like a flake in fish food
guy 1: Hey is brook coming tonight?
Guy 2: no she said she would but shes fish food
by taylor Mathes September 03, 2007
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What a dead body becomes after it is creamated; not all that unlike, "worm food" which is what a dead body becomes when it is buried in a graveyard.

It's called fish food because the ashes of dead people are frequently sprinkled into sizable bodies of water such as lakes, harbours, channels, sounds, bays, oceans, etc.
{Aaron): Hey Jimbo, didjya hear that Bernie in Juneau got hosed down last weekend?
{Jimbo}: Yeah, he became fish food a couple of days ago; I think that the video of Bernie's parents sprinkling his ashes in Gastineau Channel is on YouTube by now -- if they have YouTube in Alaska anyway.
by Telephony December 13, 2012
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The term used when one considers themselves an internet 'flamer'

Usually at the end of a comment filled with clichéd insults and overused putdowns. The user of the term usually finds themselves out of their depth in the internet argument. Thus making them always declare themselves the winner and master of the battle.

A sure sign they are insecure, unintelligent and still wet their bed.

Ricky Foxwell wrote
at 21:23
Yes we all fear the Vagino. The master of cliché and repetitive insults.
Although you are right about the comedy you give me great laughs with your continued pathetic fishing.
Although I do love you Vag like a mother loves her retarded inbred son.

My favorite quote.
"Anyone else want me to hack their Facebook account?......................................" Vag 09,

you sad fuck

Ok now I am preparing myself to be turned into 'fish food' (really using that one again?)

Vagino (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 18:27
Thanks Gina, I actually don't have any enemies that I am aware of, however I do have a small group of haters.. but they hate because I turn them into Fish Food on a regular basis whenever they feel that they can verbally spar with me. PURE COMEDY
by Ricky Foxwell February 26, 2009
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The remnants of shit that is left floating at the top of the toilet water after you've already flushed.
Not only does it stink, but I left you a little fishfood in there too.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
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The thin film of dried shit that flakes off one's penis after not immediately washing your dick following anal sex with a male or female with an insufficiently douched rectum.
Hey Tim, shake some of that fish food off your dick into Rotor's tank, Jamal's cheap ass didn't go to Pathmark last night.
by Gracie's Newports July 01, 2011
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1. Slang term for male ejaculate.

2. Term used to describe the flaky, fecal remnants often observed after the first flush. Typically experienced with fresh, loose stools or with firmer feces that have been given time to marinate pre-flush and, therefore, partially disintegrate.
1. I noticed some fish food swirling about the potty this morning.

2. I noticed some fish food swirling about the potty this morning.
by CPatch February 01, 2005
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