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Generally describes a person of small stature who instead of producing words tends to rain fiery slander all over those who surround them and try to destroy any remaining drop of happiness that might exist in their lives.

They also have been known to occasionally devour princesses and steal their coffee mugs which they then defend obsessively.

FBCD= Fire breathing cunt dragon
Girl 1: I think I'm going to have some coffee (reaching for princess mug).

FBCD: Uh uh gurl thats mah princess mug you savage biatch.

Girl 1: I just want some coffee....

FBCD: Uh uh you sketch-ass space bitch thats mah mug (emitting fire out of mouth).

Girl 1: You are such a fire breathing cunt dragon!

FBCD: (Breaths fire while snatching princess mug and simultaneously smacking girl in the face)
by I.AM.GREAT January 30, 2011
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