There's been an influx of silly new slang words to the general population of late. Words such as "banter", "allow noun" and "MOLE".

While these are all in good fun, what we need in this time of wars, global warming and increasing childhood obesity is a phrase with the power to exaggerate life's GOOD THINGS with the hearty penache they deserve. For this purpose, I elect the phrase "PODIUM FINISH"
"Wow, look at this superior cheese on toast I have grilled!"
"That really is good cheese on toast - PODIUM FINISH!"

"I am 13, and NOT pregnant"
"Well done babes, PODIUM FINISH!"

"Mate, I just used my amazing banter skills to mole this girl up"
by podium.finish April 30, 2010
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Just fucking down an entire jug of chocolate milk while cumming inside of your partner. Similar to a blumpkin but not as gross.
Sean: My milky-finish was ruined last night after I bought a jug of fat free chocolate milk.

Tobey (Maguire): Pizza Time
by z_EcHo October 7, 2018
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When you achieve something you wish to accomplish in a timely manner, and get the recongnition of your peers
Adam: Hey Dan did you get all your homework done so you can work on your basketball jumper

Dan: Yeah I did Adam I got all of the homework done I got a lot of practice in.

Adam: Nice finish Dan!
by EarlySpore November 28, 2018
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They do, imagine you are racing for a person you like, but your opponent is some dickhead who likes to Chris breezy, john cena five knuckle shuffle their significant other. But you twist your ankle, get shot, body slammed, yeeted into a brick wall st the beginning of the race, and the other guy makes it immediately but you finish the race 2 months later, hurt emotionally and physically and you close your feelings and die alone.
Some guy: Hey whats up with that guy?
Other guy: He lost the race, and got shot, thrown and body slammed
That guy: Nice guys always finish last
Some guy and other guy: They do
by The whippus April 15, 2021
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True definition: A narcissist that attempts to lure a female out of his league with BS romance. Overly available and needy. Doesn’t think anything is wrong with him but there is. Always the girl’s fault for not choosing him. In reality, he is obsessive, possessive and probably a weebo. Not himself, tries to fake his way into a relationship which causes the female to step back.
Tom: I gave her everything she wanted! Why did she go back with her Ex!? Guess, Nice guys finish last (Women don’t want fake love, they can smell fake chivalry)
by TheRealNiceguy January 13, 2022
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The act of blowing your load down her throat while making her zamboni the piss crust off the lilly pads in the toilet bowl. To really get her off, you need to stick a Montecristo mini in her eyeball during the act.
I gave that bitch the Montecristo Finish and she sucked it up and wanted another.
by Yo Momma Don't Care November 28, 2021
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