When you're having sex with a woman from behind and put your cigarette out in her anal cavity.
As I smoked my last cigarette and bent my cousin over the couch i couldn't find the ashtray ,so I gave her the ole' bay city firework finisher, that way we wouldn't burn my sisters house down again.
by Fuzzybushwhacker August 27, 2019
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dropping your defender with a crossover, hesi, stepback, or any dribble move to only miss the shot, layup, or dunk.
So many kids nowadays spend too much time working on their handles, ignoring everything else offensively. Every day you see a "million dollar move with a food stamp finish."
by unDURYEAted January 4, 2022
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the boss phase sequence in destiny 2: Beyond Light's "Disgraced" strike, referring to the 1 phase the boss appears on the bottom at the start of the final encounter, the 2 phases up on the rear wooden platform, and a final phase back at the bottom of the room.

not an innuendo for sexual positioning whatsoever.
"remember, give her 1 in the bottom, 2 in the top, and finish on the bottom. take it easy now, so as to avoid accidents boys."
by ParkCity November 17, 2020
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When you empty your ballsack in an unexpected place inside someone.
What the fuck Jack? You had to do a fucking cheeky finish didn't you?
by MrFuckJugs June 5, 2017
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A professional "massage" that ends with relief (ejaculation).
If you want a fancy finish it's another $50.


Are you down for a fancy finish?

How about a rub and a fancy finish?
by SleepingRoger March 20, 2012
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When horse-racing officials used to use a burst of colored gas at the finish line to determine the winner of a race, as opposed to using a photograph. Not to be confused with finishing each other‘s farts, or Fart Finnish.
That race was a real squeaker. A real fart finish. You racist!
by whooer's your daddy November 11, 2018
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When you've busted a fat nut so many times in one week that when you climax no semen exits your body.
I know you've already had sex 8 times with me today, but I wasn't expecting a dry finish......
by Milflover69420 February 19, 2021
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