The Finish Line - is a metaphor for success in the completion or accomplishment of a good deed, goal, or task. It is based on the concept that life is a journey, but your journey is a personal race, struggle, and the good fight to cross the finish line and receive your reward, medal, degree, decree, policy, process, procedure, or crown. Used In the writings of The RhymistGift and The Consummate Transitioner, based on the Bible scripture 2nd Timothy 4:7 (KJV).
My son crossed the finish line, he graduated from high school. She crossed the finish line in receiving her Master’s Degree. It was an arduous struggle, but Congress got the bill on climate change across the finish line. The only way to cross the finish line (have success) is to keep running your race and do not ever stop or give up!
by July 10, 2021
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During cowgirl sex, with the girl on top, before the man ejaculates, he grabs her and wrestles her over, ejaculating on top of her to show dominance.
Jessica: "Josh did the Top-Dog Finishing move on me last night, it was SO hot."
by Soonfald May 4, 2020
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When during sex you both have an explosive orgasm at the same time.
I knew things were gonna be hot after our first time together when we had the perfect finish.
by Photofreek18 May 11, 2020
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When a person sticks a roman candle in their ass and uppon climax they light it and cum
Regina said she seen it all so Johnny gave her The Roman candle finish on the 4th of July
by Blkash July 24, 2017
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Where you snap as soon as you cum into your partners mouth after saying I am iron man
"Yo did you fuck her last night". "Yeah I used the snap finisher on her"
by I am cum May 11, 2022
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When a man dressed up as Casper finishes on another man.
Fatboyy had a spooky finish on Halloween 2019
by GhostWriterKee November 1, 2019
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