A person who does/has taken part in a activity in which they are to finger their bumhole
by Rosieyoloswag June 23, 2015
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Finge'r: pronounced fin-jer.
is the lowest form of human being a "fake ginger" anyone attempting to dye their hair red should be looked down apon with the utmost dismay.

A person that wants to imitate the apearence of a person with no soul and a severe sun allergy; This is considered to be a terrible insult to oneself and to other gingers that see that their ginger handicap has become a "fasion statement"
look at that stupid finge'r she dyed her hair red to look like a dying minority

I hate that finge'r she can stay out in the sun and doesnt burn like a normal ginger!
by jrek May 24, 2010
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Something that should not be shoved up your but.
I really did not want to shake his hand knowing where his fingers might have been.
by greatboy February 14, 2011
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An Expression when greeting a friend, when tickling the fingers in an hand shake type fashion.
by Clayton, Cannon & the Rooster November 05, 2003
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any one of the 4 digits on a human hand. Except the thumb. The human thumb is not considered a finger
I broke all 4 of my fingers and sprained my thumb while boxing.
by kristii May 23, 2005
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To sign an NHL player to a ridiculously dumb contract.
The Leafs just gave another old player a Finger type contract. Haha.
by Hf boards July 10, 2008
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A nick name given to a boy who stuck his finger in a dog's butthole at a friend's birthday party!
B: Man i was little when that happened!
A: you are still FINGER!
by Xzipper chickX February 18, 2010
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