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When you feel so fine you just can't stand it. Frog hair doesn't exist, so, it must be pretty fine!
Rob:Susan how are you today?
Susan: Well Rob Id say Im finer than frog hair!

Rob: Whats what on a frog?

Susan: You ever seen hair on a frog?
Rob: Welp nope can't say I have...
Susan: Must be pretty FINE THEN!

All: Hahahahaaa.. ha.
by Wank Eubanks November 19, 2012
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Generally, used to describe several different things as follows:

1. A person's own excellent physical/mental state.

2. The outstanding physical appearance of another person.

3. A state of being extremely thin

(Since frogs do not have hair, something that is "finer than frog hair" means something that is as thin/fine/excellent as possible).
1. Bill: "How are you doing today?"

Joe: "Man, I'm finer than frog hair!!"

2. Bill: "Wow, have you seen that new girl in accounting?"

Joe: "Yes...what a hottie, she is finer than frog hair!!"

3. Bill: "This new fishing line is the thinnest I've ever seen"

Joe: "I agree, it is finer than frog hair"
by the big tiger January 17, 2011
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