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The type of girl who runs a letterboxd account and loves A24 a little too much. She wears mostly black and red. Her favourite type of movies is probably thriller or horror. She is almost always in a pair of doc martens and loves zodiac signs. This girl WILL suck your dick if you watch Hereditary with her. She also definitely has daddy issues. Watch out for this girl because she is also probably into some freaky shit, hence the hoe part. (also most likely a part of wicca or a satanic cult)
Damn last night i met this girl who was a total film hoe. She wanted to netflix and chill but, she made us watch The Shining i ended up too scared to fuck and she was so into it i thought she was gonna kill me.
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by A24hoe October 13, 2018
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one of the hoe types, a really chill hoe that's into films and movies and fucking a lot of people
she's into pre 1940's films right now, she's super chill though, definitely a film hoe!
by pepeluvr420 June 28, 2015
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