A Filipino is what you can when you mix a Spanish person with an Asian person.
by refuze May 16, 2005
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Uh, damn. It's pretty hard to like actually group filipinos in one race. They a little bit of everything. Ancestors come everywhere from China to Spain to Australia to wherever and gives the people there a cool multicultural feel. I myself am half pinoy, and lemme tell you, that particular side is so amazingly different than my white sided family, I friggin get culture shock after an annual trip to the filipinos in Cali.
White dude: ha, man you're like the token asian in our skool. Just look at ur slanted eyes.
Filipino Guy: Shove it, cracka. you damn ignorant. Filipinos ain't got no slanted eyes or whatever those mainland asians got.
White dude: whatever. (he definately lost this one)


American dude: sup man, that one band yesterday was hella chill, huh?
His Filipino friend: Fo sho, I'm totally diggin their new album...
Ignorant preppy American kid interrupts: What the hell. your asian, shouldn't you be listening to some ching chang chong music right now????????
Filipino Guy: Fuck off asshole. you some kinda dee-dee-dee child?!?!
Ignorant kid: WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! mommy!!!...
by Mickgriddle October 10, 2006
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Amazing race of people who mostly are confused whether they are Asian or Pacific Islander when they are really both. Some Filipinos especially Filipino Americans think they are black. But that's because they listen to too much Hip-Hop. not saying that listening to Hip-hop is bad for Filipinos but like San Miguel beer and other forms of alcohol it should be listened to with Pulutan.
Other Filipinos must speak Ilokano if they live in Hawaii and only in Hawaii must they speak Ilokano. In the mainland USA they can Speak in any Other Filipino language they wish. If

Civilian life is too hard for a Filipino they must join the Filipino

Mafia by enlisting in the US Navy, which is really the Filipino

Navy. To become a full fledge Member of the Filipino Mafia

you must be fluent in Tagalog. This is different than the

Ilokano Mafia,in which you must be fluent in Ilokano. To join the Pacquiao mafia I think U have to be fluent in Visayan as a pre-requisit. A true Visayan also has to own a Kris Sword, married Visaya couples will both be equal in skill with the Kris Sword. All younger generation Males are good at basketball or have repressed basketball skills that only shine through daily practice.
Last of all, Ilocanos are either Rich or extremely Kuripot.
Manny Pacquiao is the Greatest Boxer in the universe. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is an arrogant bastaard, a Fat Filipino Martial Artist who eats fish, rice , and pork on a daily basis could whup his @$$!
by F1MacbookPhone September 27, 2011
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Filipinos came from a mixture of Asian, European, and American peoples--the Negritos, Indonesians, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Arabs and other Asians; The Spaniards, British and other Europeans; the Mexicans and Americans of South and North America.
According to Dr. H. Otley Beyer, noted American anthropologist, the racial ancestry of Filipinos is as follows: Malay - 40%; Indonesian - 30%; Chinese - 10%, Indian (Hindu) - 5%, European & American - 3%, and Arab - 2%.
Beneath the veneer of Hispanic, Mexican and American heritage, the people, in heart and in spirit, are Asians. they are Asian in race and in geography with an indestructible Asian heritage.
The warmth and natural hospitality of the nation's Filipinos today, is known throughout the world. The 11 cultural, linguistic and racial groups endow the Filipino people with varying customs and traditions. In spite of their diversity, Filipinos have basically two dominant traits: a love of family and a strong religious faith.
Filipinos are hardworking, intelligent people this world has ever have.
by IamFilipino February 25, 2008
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people that are of Spanish, Malay, and other Polynesian descent.
-how come she doesn't look very asian?
-because she's Filipino, they are mixed ethnically.
by Mestiza April 10, 2010
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1. A Tagalog colonial master of the Phillipines.

2. Any non-Tagalog individual of the Phillipines who has subordinated him/herself to Tagalogs and embraced the Tagalog national identity (Filipino) as his/her own.

Ilocanos, Bisayans (Visayans), and Pampangos, amongst other indigenous and non-indigenous ethnic groups from the Phillipines, sacrificed their own ethnic identities when they chose to be a part of the Tagalogs' Filipino national movement.
Since your ancestors are Bisayan (Visayan) are you Bisayan (Visayan) also?

No, I am no longer Bisayan (Visayan). I am now part of the Tagalog Empire, I am Filipino (Tagalog).

What about the Ilocanos, Pampangos, and the other ethnic groups in the Phillipines?

We are all part of the Tagalog Empire, we are all Filipino (Tagalog). We all speak Filipino (Tagalog).
by It's not mean if it's true February 06, 2008
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1. Filipino is a native of the Philippines.

2. They are always mixed up for being either an Asian or a Pacific Islander. Officially, Filipinos are categorized as Asians and the Philippines are part of South-east Asia.

3. Others would say that Filipinos are the Mexicans of Asia. (Kinda agree on that.)

4. They look Hispanic due to past history with Spain. The Philippines was "discovered" by Magellan in 1521, who declared them Spanish territory. However, Magellan was killed and Spain didn't invade again until 1565. They had control from 1571 until 1898, when it was transferred to the United States after the Spanish-American War.

5. Most Filipinos have olive skin. I guess, you could say "naturally tan". However, not all are. Others have darker skin tones. There are those who are half-Filipinos that are fairer either because they have Western blood or something in them that made their colour the way it is.

6. Most Filipinos are known for being hard-working. Nobody is perfect so yes, there are those that are still lazy but there are more that are hard-working.

7. Not all Filipinos tok like dis not all chenge der p to f or vice versa.

8. The Philippines was actually once a rich country until the government, well, became corrupt.

9. Jollibee.

10. It's more fun in the Philippines.
Filipinos are awesome and so are other races, OKAY.
by Brunette On The Internet June 27, 2013
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