They actually like Americans...sometimes a bit too much (slightly sycophantic). Filipinos are gentle often passive. They MUST eat rice with everything; it's like oxygen to them. They're full of D-R-A-M-A. They love singing, many are talented. Although development is lacking they are culturally more in tune with westerners than most other Asian nations. Filipinas are the most beautiful and loving females in the world....as long as you treat them right. Filipinos love facebook, forums, chatrooms and taking photos.They complain about their corrupt government but don't do anything about it. They cling to any famous Filipino or half Filipino that has ever lived or achieved something in which they can claim pride on behalf of the Filipino nation. Manny Pacquiao is current flavor of the month. They have a lot of potential but unfortunately due to their passive nature they have been exploited by other nations and sucked dry by corrupt politicians. Many uneducated Filipino women with no dignity are exploited in the sex industry by perveted foreigners who exchange wealth for favors. Filipinos are greatly misunderstood but they are a great people and should not be mistreated. They are usually either hard-working or lazy, they support each other. Filipinos are generous others are greedy. They like salty food and sweet food. Many are non-practicing Catholics. Many filipinos love computer games, TV, music and basketball. Filipinos strive for something better. They make great friends.
Filipinos are interesting and exciting people with many qualities good and bad.
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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Filipinos are a generally very friendly and hospitable people who are also sometimes misunderstood.

Sure, they have hardships, and they may be a third world country, but why hate on them for that? It is not like they wanted their nation to be this way........

If only you get to know them and maybe even sympathize with what they go through, you may realize that they are a very nice people who are always willing to support and care for you.

(I live close to many Filipinos, all of whom are very close friend to me, I see so many hate posts about them these days though...its just sad)
Man, I am so glad for those Filipino doctors. They are always willing to stay and care to the patients while everyone else is already going home.

I dont know why some people show racism to the Filipinos. Most of them are really fun-loving and so very hospitable.

The Filipinos held this big cultural celebration the other day, and they just invited us, even if we were'nt Filipino. We were able to get a lot of good food and they really treated us like family.

I saw that picture of a Filipino family, the one where they were standing in front of a crowded house in the sweltering heat. I just felt such sympathy. I don't know why people could be so heartless to still hate on them when the evidence of their hardships are everywhere.

Just please stop the hatred.
by 1ndifferent February 22, 2011
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The Filipinos or the Filipino people are the native inhabitants and citizens of the Republic of the Philippines located in Southeast Asia. The term Filipino (feminine: Filipina) may also refer to people of Philippine descent. Filipinos are culturally diverse Asians. Once enslaved by the Spaniards ... they finally were out of the Spaniard grasp on June 12,1898. Sold to the US for $20 mil. they were then released and a war was born against America and their Filipinos.. after which they fought side by side they began to come to a compromise.
-They were the first Asian ethnicity to reach North America. Due to the Spanish Galleon TRADE.
-Second Largest Asian ethnicity in the US.
-CREATED the YoYo which was originally a weapon.
-CREATED the landrover of which we used to travel the moon.
-CREATED the fluorescent lights above your heads.
-CREATED the HackySack.
Filipinos are ASIAN, dumbass. Philippines is part of southeast asia homie. XD if we were pacific islanders we`d be like hawaiian or some part of america. if we arent considered southeast asian.. then why bother that japanese be asian too? cmon filipinos carry blood of hawaiians, spanish, chinese, japanese, and whatever else there is out there. "Philippines is a member of ASEAN, the Association of SOUTHEAST ASIAN Nations. The cultural links with Malaysia, Indonesia and neighboring SE Asian nations is undisputed." "Tagalog is very closely related to languages of countries which are in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysian and Indonesian, and there are many cultural similarities between the three nations despite the Catholic/Spanish overlay influence in the Philippines and the Muslim influence in M'sia and Indonesia. Not to mention that the Philippines is a member of ASEAN, the "Association of SOUTHEAST ASIAN Nations."
by JoannaR November 11, 2006
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(Regardless if this can be applied to other races, this is emphasizing Filipinos...or at least most of them, anyway. This is coming from a Filipino.)

A race that LOVES to shove their race in anything, to anybody, whenever, and where ever, because "lol pinoy pride :D !!111111!!" Their prideful arrogance is strong, but their defense is weak. Their intolerance is almost identical to black people when they get offended. You know how there are a lot users on YouTube that say, "If you don't have anything 'positive' to say, then don't say it.?" Their sensitivity makes them close-minded. They don't have any reasons to defend themselves other than saying, "wow ur so mean!!! u don't kno pilipinos. pilipino pride!!111 we strong! we're not the only ones who can be like this!"

They can take the time to acknowledge the good factors of their race, but they're too sensitive to ever realize what they can do to be more tolerable in a civilization. That's where me and many others come in to bitch about my race. They never act as individuals, they act as a body of people who may never realize that race or family may not mean a thing. When they do realize that so many people of their race is shit, they'll just be ranted at by another Filipino who may say, "wow then ur saying tht ur bad when u say bein pinoy is bad. be ashamed of urself. ur probably not even filipino...gaga"
A: "I hate being Filipino."
B: "wow ur hating urself then. im filipino too. ur probably a white troll. very funny..."
A: "I'm not hating myself if pride in race doesn't truly express who I am."
B: "no just shut up faggot"
by Dicksssssssss August 28, 2012
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This is a response to qiuwp's definition

1.SOME filipino's are lazy. (Assuming your american) The morbid obesity in your nation is worse than about 7% of filipino's being lazy

2. We don't think ALL foreigners are rich

3.If you think our language is annoying, listen to that "slang" crap and see what's more annoying

4.Filipino women marry old people because they actually have feelings for 'em. It's unlikely for there to be more divorces in the philippines than in the U.S.

5.It's not our fault we're poor, blame the government. We don't think we're better than other asian countries. You're just a stereotypical 12 year old whose mom is as stupid as Jar Jar Binks

6. There are more people dropping out of school in america than in the philippines. Sure, we have alot of fun, but we put it in the right place and the right time

7. If UP ain't the one of the best universities in the world, why do alot of koreans/chinese people come here to study?

8. Yeah, were short, so what?

9. The worlds fastest talker is in the US dumbass

10. Wannabe's? We copy the shows but we pay the copyrights

11.Other languages do that too, you know.

12.Yeah, we eat meat and rice alot. At least we're not fatties who stay in their beds all day
If you don't like our KFC, DON'T EAT THERE!!! Stupid.

Do us all a favor and LEAVE OUR FUCKING COUNTRY

Filipino's are fucking awesome
by FILIPINODUDE April 01, 2011
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A unisex term referring to a person or persons of ethnic descent originating from the Republic of the Philippines.

Pilipino refers to a person born in the Philippines. Filipino refers to a person not born in the Philippines, but of Philippine ethnicity.

This delineation is due to the fact that there is no phonetic equivalent of the letter 'F' in any of the Philippine Islands’ indigenous languages. Spaniards who named the Philippine Islands after King Phillip II (Las Islas Filipinas) had such a sound in their language. The closest phonetic sound inhabitants in the Philippines could use was ‘P.’

Hence, people Philippine-born refer to themselves as Pilipino (they even write it as ‘Pilipino’), while those born outside the Philippines (e.g. the United States) refer to themselves as Filipino (or Filipino-American in the above case).

Example 1:
My dad was born in the Philippines; he’s Pilipino. I was born in Rampart, California; I’m Filipino-American.

Example 2:

Person 1: What’s your nationality?
Person 2: Full-Blooded American.
Person 1: No, where’re you from?
Person 2: West Covina, California.
Person 1: No, I mean, where’re your parents from?
Person 2: Oh – the Philippines.
Person 1: Oh so they’re Filipino.
Person 2: No, They’re Pilipino.
Person 1: That’s what I said: Filipino.
Person 2: No, my parents are Pilipino. And I’m Filipino-American.
Person 1: …?
by Bob-A January 05, 2009
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