1) One of the best movies ever made, a sustained and eloquent attack on consumerism which also points out the pitfalls of being a mindless follower or "space monkey"...

2) A thing guys have on Saturday nights after plenty of beer, where they hit each other and laugh when they knock out their teeth or break their thumbs. The next day it feels like your whole body is one big bruise - and typing is kind of tricky.
BILL: I've never been in a fight.
BOB: Oh really.
BILL: Hit me as hard as you can.
BILL: Jesus Christ it really hurts! Why the ear, man?
BOB: (laughs)
Bill punches Bob back and leaves an imprint of his knuckles on Bob's jaw.
Bob swings at Bill again and knocks a chunk of his tooth out. Before long, Bill has Bob in a potentially lethal headlock, and Bob is punching him repeatedly in the testicles.

(next day)
Bob: Man, look at my face. It's all fucked up.
Bill: Man, look at my hand. It's all fucked up.
Both: Same time next week?
by tyler durden February 27, 2004
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tyler: what's the deal about the fight club in jersey?
eli: shut the fuck up
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"First rule about fight club is th-- wait, I didn't mean to.. please. Oh God! NO! IM SORRY! IM BEGGING YOU! AAAAHHHHHHHH--" *BOOM*

You don't talk about it.
by OdecaNebur March 31, 2017
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One of the greatest movies ever produced.Reveals the truth behind this corrupt corporate nation AKA America
by Anonymous September 5, 2003
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the best godamn fucking movie ever made
the best godamn fucking movie ever made!!!!
by BlankGirl December 26, 2005
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the excuse you use when your stem cell research wears off, and you have to leave the girl you're making out with because your wrinkles are coming back at midnight. (futurama)
*making out* *wrinkles come back* oh god! gotta go, fight club!
by haiden1991 May 24, 2007
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