A popular sport among many highschool and college lesbians.
"I didn't know Jenny was a dyke?"
"Yah, she plays field hockey"
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006
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a disgrace to hockey.its not real hockey like ice hockey or street hockey its a little girl sport that involves way too much running and is a waste of time.
"i have hockey practice today"
"field hockey doesnt count"
by hockeyyxx55 August 25, 2008
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A really funny joke that has become very popular of late. Not to be confused with an actual sport.

It's where girls wear skirts and chase around a small ball with wooden or composite sticks on a field, trying to hit it in the other team's goal. Strategically, it much resembles 1st grade soccer, often referred to as "herd-ball."

There are two types of girls who play: dykes, and dumb preppy girls who want to feel like they can be good at something and be productive, because they will invariably end up as housewives or trophy wives, with no sense of self-worth.
Lando: Hey, is that a gay pride parade?
Jim: No, man, that's the varsity field hockey team. They must have beaten the other 3 teams in the state and won state again.
Timmy: Oh look, there's the varsity field hockey team!
John: {insert demeaning, but true, joke/statement here}
by Saltybawls December 20, 2006
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In reality, a pretty goof-ass sport. These weird lesbians sprint around a field, hunched over a tiny little janky-ass stick trying to hit a ball into a goal. Ridiculous. It takes no more physical prowess than a runner needs.
Example A:

"That weird lesbian thought she was gonna get into college for field hocky."

"Yeah, they suck you in like that, and dress you up like an idiot..."

Example B:

"What sport is that that those girls are playing?"
"Silly foreign person...that's field hockey and it's not a sport. It is merely an illusion. It makes the players feel like they're doing something important but really...they just look like a bunch of prairy dancing idiots for our amusement."
by Gollosus Glabborous April 12, 2006
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dyke sport; coached by lesbians who teach girls to be lesbians
"hey let me grab your ass and show you how to hit balls with sticks." "no i dont want to play field hockey cause i am not a lesbo."
by betch please February 09, 2008
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the gayest sport to be invented. to be played with old men wearing kilts with no undergarments. also to flash another during play.
" i am scarred for life "
" i was forced top play field hockey and i was flashed by your dad"
" a man i'm sorry"
by google1234 November 15, 2008
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Well as we all know every stupid fuckin woman needs a sport. So now we have Field hockey. Field hockey is by the gayest fucking sport known to man, worse than the WNBA. There are many reasons as to why this is a crime of a sport. 1. Trying to replicate ice hockey which lets be honest no one can do because its the most difficult of all sports. 2. The sticks are retarded looking. 3. The ball, yeah it looks like a shot put piece of shit. 4. Woman are so proud of the fact that they can "play" fockey when no one even likes this pointless sport. And 5. WOMAN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN, OR IN BED SUCKIN A FAT DONG.
Every single girl at Killingly High School needs to shut the fuck up about field hockey because its not even entertaining nor is it difficult.
by Puckmaster May 28, 2012
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