Someone who advocates for women's rights, despite there already being equal rights between men and women. Feminists also bully people into becoming feminists by telling them they are misogynists if they're not feminists
Feminist: (talking to someone) did you know women are paid 77 cents for each dollar a man is paid, that's why I'm a feminist.
Other person: that makes no sense, it's been illegal to pay someone less based on their gender for decades, and women work less hours on average. That's why I'm not a feminist.
Feminist: how can you not be a feminist? If you're not a feminist, you must be a sexist!
by Anti feminist September 17, 2015
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a bunch of brain dead, tromatized women who use men to blame all of their problems on. A.K.A women who have large ego's.
feminists need to start living in the real world.
by Bob randomlastname October 28, 2006
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Simply, per the word, a female supremacist. If that doesn't cut it fur ya, feminists believe, though they deny it, that any given woman is innately superior to any given man.
Man 1: Did you hear the UN Women speech by that new feminist, Emma Watson?
Man 2: She thinks women are superior now, eh?
Several women nearby: (in unison) No she doesn't! Emma believes we're EQUAL to you guys!
Both men: We don't believe you.
Women: (again, in unison) Feminism is the theory of gender equality, you confounded hermits!
Arab man: Lan (no); we know better; we call it Aidyulu Jiah Tafawaq An-Nisaa (ideology of female supremacy)
Women: BURN HIM!!! (They take the Arab outside, douse him in petrol, and light him.)
by Bogan of the Desert September 23, 2015
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A word used by idiots with a low self-esteem to identify with other people because they're lesbians and hate men
Normal girl: Wow, look at that cute boy over there! He sure has some good looks!
by pooeygirldooey October 02, 2015
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There are two types of feminists. One is the normal feminist. They are the type who want equal rights for men and women. They are typically agreeable. However, if things do not go their way, they may become the second type, known as the feminazi. The feminazi wants all men to die, which is a paradox, because society would not be able to reproduce without both men and women.
"What a bitch! She's such a feminist!"

"No, she's a feminazi."
by AJAW December 03, 2004
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A male or female (equality) that hates men because they don't believe in equality (equal rights for men and women) . doesn't really make sense, oh and they also get offended at everything e.g men, police ( male) , the government, trump, the news and many more
Look at that woman screaming over there smh she must be a feminist
via giphy
by Pepperoni dong May 04, 2017
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