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Feminist Personality Disorder is a pervasive sociopathic, cognitive disorder caused by the bitter concepts of "third-wave feminism". These concepts compel the sufferer to uncritically adopt ideas and values that heavily favor emotion at the expense of reason, logic, and good manners. The sufferer then proceeds to make statements and declarations that cannot stand up to the least bit of scientific evidence, nor logical scrutiny. When examined critically, statements made by feminists range from distortions of fact, to outright lies.

The danger to society is that sufferers of feminism labor under the delusion that government should be used as a tool to correct the imagined ills of society.

Outbursts of this type feminism can take many forms, ranging from deceptively cheerful to violent rage.
Anita thinks that criticism of her ideas is the same as harassment because she has feminist personality disorder.
by Nigel Spellright September 10, 2016
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