a dick-less queef machine that is obsessed with such trivial questions as "what are we" and "can we go on a real date instead of fucking in your mom's Subaru."
Tell Brenda to stop being such a fucking female. Just cause she blew me in the parking lot at Applebee' s doesnt mean I'm buying her dinner.
by I want the top May 17, 2018
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The better half of males everywhere. The "F-E" on the beginning stands for "Freakin' Excellent," which makes us the freakin' excellent versions of males.
That is one smart, interesting female. I want a piece of that.
by greenshoes January 14, 2005
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Other words relating to the human species are woman, girl, lady etc.
Clearly there are some men on here have some kind of weird problem with women, shown by the warped and generally psychologically imbalanced statements below.
I'd just like to say I have nothing against men at all before I start addressing what has been said.

1. I know all that crap some guy wrote below about being female is a birth defect is just some kind of bitter, irrational and unfounded metaphor but I might as well address it as if it were meant truthfully. Let me point out that all embryos start off as female, and it is actually the Y chromosone that later on turns any male babies male that could be perceived as a 'defect' (even though in reality neither are), as it is only half the size of the second X chromosone of its female counterparts, and it is the cause of haemophilia in males as they can be missing the blood clotting gene in the missing part of the chromosone, whilst females cannot get this condition as they have two full XX chromosones.

2. One of the disturbed individuals below said that women are less intelligent due to having smaller brains than men. Well, if you did any kind of science you would know that in humans brain size is not related to intelligence, men merely have bigger brains as their bodies are proportionately larger. This has also been shown by the fact that sufferers of the condition microencephaly (a condition where the patient's brain is far smaller than normal) do not have impaired brain functioning and indeed enjoy normal intelligence. Another facet of this is the question of how the people below explain the fact that girls out-perform boys throughout school life, as surely if women were less intelligent this would not be the case.

3. At this point, see also female orgasm. All the things written there by men claiming that this does not exist and is an invention by women are clearly sexually incompetent. Maybe talk to the guy who wrote the stuff on his experience of female ejaculation as he clearly knows how to please a woman, and unlike you (the disturbed writers in the 'female orgasm' section) doesn't have a warped and bitter attitude towards women. Good on him i say! Anyway, I would like to show that the female orgasm does exist, I have personal experience of it, and studies of orgasms and the pleasure centres of the brain activated by it have shown that women do orgasm, and more good news as they in fact have the ability to have far more orgasms in one hour when compared to men, and the studies have also shown that the clitoral orgasm is the strongest of all orgasms both male and female. If you don't believe me, look it up at a non-biased site. It is true that some women find it harder than others to orgasm, sometimes due to hang-ups, an inability to relax and enjoy and sometimes male incompetence. Don't get me wrong, men are great and many are very skilled in that department. Not all women are skilled either, just to establish the fact that I'm not trying to put men down as these guys have been trying to put down women.

The boys who have written the below should really think about their issues with women because as a psychology student it seems to me to be a very unhealthy attitude, probably stemming from deep insecurities within themselves and their own gender identity, or possibly from past bad emotional experiences that should be dealt with. I'm sorry if the latter is the case but it is still noy excuse to be writing the poisonous and offensive things that are written below. Don't give up on all women and write things like this just because you have a bad experience with one Frankly, you give men a bad name. How can you argue against women saying men are chauvinistic when you write that kind of thing? It is men like you who perpetuate those generalisations and ruin it for all the lovely, emotionally balanced men out there (and I know there are many!!), and to be fair, you are doing exactly the same to women when you write all this stuff about all of us being inferior in every way so please stop and think about what you are doing and deal with your issues. Thank you.
read the above for 'female'. its all examples!
'female' in humans can be woman/girl etc
by Fair Outlook February 07, 2007
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This isnt a weblog, i know, but i have to post this little thought:
Why do some women call all men chauvanistic sexists when that in itself is a sexist statement?
The main gripe about guys like myself who dont concern themselves with the "lower extremites" of the female body (I am not gay, just considerate) is that they are so goddam subtle in screwing with people (Some of our more devious sisters). Us guys, if we want revenge will mess your ass up by laying the SMACKDOWN right then an there, the devious sisters will set up a ten step plan to screw you up for years...
Shadow: Yep, i love females...however, some of them are kinda....
Shanjay: Bitchy? Yep, evil sisters really just mess up male/female relations worldwide

And yes, most guys are assholes
by Shanjay April 21, 2005
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1. The condition "female" is an unfortinate childhood disease, which can be contracted during the time of conception. This disease is incurable and scars its victims for the entirety of their lives both physically and emotionally. Many scientists argue that this disorder is, while unfortinate and disfiguring to the individual, necissary for the survival of the human species as a whole. With this disfigurement the job of creating and raising a child is forced upon the victim, enabling mankind to continue to survive, but ensuring that considerable pain is caused during both the production of the child and the delivery of the child. This also ensures that the victim's hormonal balence is constantly fluxuating and the victim's instincts are warped as to rob the victim of peace of mind which will supposibly return with the production of a child. Experts report the true result of the production of a child is usually a considerable decrease in the physical strength of the victim and an increased hormonal imbalence. How the victims are so easily fooled by this cruel joke of nature is yet undiscovered.
The social effects of this disease include: a percieved weakness of the victim both physically, mentally, and emotionally by both diseased and unharmed humans; a considerable decrease in percieved ability and talent; a decrease in wages and salaries due to the above; a partial loss of identity resulting from marriage.
The physical and mental effects of this disease include (on average): a substantial decrease in intellectual ability resulting from a smaller brain area and weight; physical fraility and weakness resulting from both a decrease in muscle mass and a tendancy to fast; impeding tumor-like growths on the upper torso during puberty; a decreased pleasure during orgasm in comparison to unharmed humans; a tendancy to converse often about meaningless banter; a painful hormonal eruption approximately once per month; stunted growth; and gullibility.
2. Proof that God does have a sense of humor.
1. Don't laugh at her just because she's in High School and still plays with dolls, man. I mean, she's female.
2. Oww...oh, you made this out of my rib, interesting, thanks God...I want my rib back.
by Mr. Kemp May 02, 2006
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Mindless creatures driven by instinct for sperm and money. Can be usefull if trained how to cook, clean, and take care of children properly. Also see slut, whore, prostitute, gold digger, skank, ho.
Male: why are you talking? the only thing your mouth is good for is to suck my dick! now get on it bitch!
female: well that's why I was talking. Because I was asking you if you could please help me unzip your pants so I can suck you dry.
Male: Didn't I already show you how to unzip my pants?!!
female: yes, but I.......
Male: You're talking again!! Oh the hell with you Im going to get some experianced females at the corner to do it for $10. in the mean time try as hard as you can not to have sex with anyone else, including the dog! now can you do that? or am I going to have to tie you up like last time?
Female: ( nods yes )
Male: Now your learning bitch!
by aztec warrior sam July 15, 2006
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What creepy guys on dating sites call women. No one is sure if it's because they don't see women as people or they simply are making a poor attempt to signal that they are not interested in trans women, but in any case, using this term on their dating profile ensures that they will not be contacted by any women at all.
Why don't you hu-man females ever message me? I am the nicest Ferengi you seed depositories will ever meet!
by Queen Buttrix December 30, 2017
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