feet are useful. if you want to eat them you can if you want to kill someone just murder them with your stinky feet. you didn't kill them the smell did
yeet those feet
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Feet is a high end dessert that I highly suggest you eat while taking a trip to the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Feet comes from an animal called a "Human" yum yum yum
by ieatbabiesboo100 July 19, 2020
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things that are used to cram in body cavities
stick those feet in here
by j-man holmes stevens November 20, 2002
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An end of a leg. Used for wwalking, if possible it should go unshod.
Damn that kid is awesome, he doesn't have a shoe on his foot.
by ShoesRBad March 24, 2003
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A lower extremidy, often used for walking

Other Uses Include

Using it to stick up another persons anus (If He/she deserves it, or if He/She Annoys You)
Kenna (The Boss) Puts Foot Up Customer's Ass
by Tim May 28, 2004
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Most commonly known as a name for you body part, but can also replace any curse word, or the word "what."
What: Doctor- im sorry sir, but your rectom is not functioning.

Sir- oh, ok...wait....FOOT?!

Curse Words: Guy 1- hey, you son of a foot!

Guy 2- dude, what the foot was that for?

Guy 1- oh, sorry my footing foothole dad footing kicked me out of the footing house!

Guy 2- wow, that footing sucks!
Acronym- WTF= What the Foot
by Footman Henderson August 29, 2011
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used to hit people with and open jars with and when your all out of money you can use them to get stuff. like that time. feet are awsome. "feeeeet" :-) awsome crazyness also mean feet
i use my feet to do everything. kick justin, kick sean, kick mike, and open jars.
by dub schwan November 20, 2002
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