The highest part of your body when you are doing a handstand.
I am left-feeted.
by Mike Sergio Loecher November 20, 2002
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The body part(s) that surface(s) from the lower base of your leg(s). It(They) is(are) connected to your leg(s) via the ankle(s).

Feet have several uses, the most obvious being the fact that they are used to walk on. Each foot has five digits, called toes. Most woman paint their toenails, an act called a pedicure.

Feet also have several not-so-obvious uses. Besides the fact that many woman paint their toenails, many women also use their feet & toes to give a footjob. In essence, the uses for feet are endless! Some disabled people have completely replaced their hands with their feet! Many can drive a car with their toes!
Samantha painted her toenails red. Her feet are very sexy.

Samantha gave me a footjob.

Samantha can drive her car with her toes!
by Seth February 01, 2004
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A part of the body that some people have unnecessary fears of. They seem to forget that they too...have feet.
Like ew! Get your foot off of me!
by J to the enna September 08, 2003
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It used to be a body part at the very bottom of your body that helps you move around but now its a weird fetish that is getting more popular by the minute.
Person 1:my feet help me walk around yay!

Person 2: no, your feet is a sexual symbol and it makes me horny just looking at them lemme lick
by an anonymous girl_ZaX December 27, 2017
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To tie a persons mouth, feet and hands together and force them to smell your feet.
Why did you feet me?

by Forces February 12, 2008
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1. Found at the bottom of the leg. Most people like to use theirs for walking, although other uses have been found. (Pl. Feet)
2. A measurement. Equal to 12 inches, and just over 30 cm
3. To pay for something.
1. My foot will have to be amputated. Now what will I walk on?
2. He is six feet tall
3. I'll foot the bill
by shoreditch.vampire March 28, 2008
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