Feeling down thinking about your ex or what could of been with a person you felt a connection with. Drake's not even a rapper anymore , Drakes an emotion.
"Hey man wanna go out tonight? " .. " I don't know man i'm feeling pretty drake today " feeling drake today "
by iwinforpreps April 1, 2014
To listen and sing drakes shit and get sad and to be all up in your feels
Jacob was all up in his feelings yesterday yeah

those Drake feels
by Heliosthehollow January 8, 2017
Kanye has a don't-give-a-fuck attitude.

Drake is extremly emotional. He openly sings about his feelings which he is even made fun of for. He literally has a song called “I'm too good to you”.
Person A: describe yourself
Person B: i have a kanye attitude with drake feelings
by champngemami February 2, 2017