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The thing you spray in a room after smoking weed so your parents/who ever don't know.
Hurry up and spray that febreze, my mom will be home soon.
by stonerchick August 09, 2006
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What stank people use instead of perfume.
Marc: Mmmm I love your perfume - Dior?

Jennifer: No, Melon Burst!

I love Febreze.
by Carmina> April 29, 2007
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Method of cleaning clothes that are far too dirty for the washing machine.
If you're going to bring her back here you better febreze that pile of shit on the futon.
by ryan.s August 25, 2008
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Smells better than a plastic dick.
Upon finding a dildo stuck to my college shower, I sprayed some Febreze.
by Ass Disaster September 25, 2011
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to hug the person u like and sniff their sweater like on the febreze commercial.
1. OMG! I saw him today, he was so cute, i was about to febreze him!!

2. Baby, I just want to febreze you!

3. He's so hot. I'd totally febreze him!

"dedicated to edvin"

by Katie && Emma April 02, 2008
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to spray febreze all over you bedsheets and chair to hide the putrid foot odors that pervade the room

often results in even nastier smells of the odor mixing with deodorant
i febrezed my room so my roommate wouldn't keep on sniffing obnoxiously loudly and complaining about how shitty the room smelled. then, ironically, he complained about how the fucking room smelled like deodorant. febrezing a room is definitely not a good way to eliminate bad odors in the room.
by i sweat to drunk i'm not god December 01, 2005
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