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1) A fake friend.
2) Two people act like they're best friends, but then talk behind each other's backs constantly.
3) Uses the said 'friend' to feel better about themselves.
Observer 1: Rachael's been talking so much shit about Casey and they're supposed to be best friends?
Observer 2: That's not a best friend, that's a faux friend.
by Trina L. August 21, 2007
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Someone that you were in a relationship with but it wasn't quite a relationship. It could have been that:
1) You acted like you were in a relationship, except for lacking the physical.
2) You had the physical aspects of a relationship but outside of the bedroom you were just friends.
3) Almost a relationship except that one of you were in an actual full-blown relationship at the time, and the two of you couldn't quite get over that fact.
We had been sleeping together for three months and hung out together all the time but something was missing when were out on the town. I realized what was missing when we bumped into his boyfriend, which I guess made me his fauxfriend.
by Craig Bowers April 03, 2007
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Someone who says they are your friend and is really an acquaintance.

Someone who claims to be your friend, but is never really there when you need them, doesn't return your calls or messages unless they need something, and when chatting about getting together they reply with, "yeah, let's do that sometime really soon."
Someone who claims to be your bestie, but never returns your calls or emails, unless they need something.

Someone who only wants you around when they are going through a rough time, when things are better for them they are too busy to get together or chat, that's when you realize they are a faux friend.

Someone who replies to getting together on a specific day with, "sounds good, let's do that sometime really soon."
by EstelleSuncatcher March 20, 2010
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