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The most amazing man you will ever meet. He plays piano in the most inspiring way. This piano man loves those around him fiercely and gives joy to anyone around him. He has the untamed hair of a Potter(and yes I do mean like Harry or James Potter). If you are feeling lost he becomes a safe haven amongst all of the chaos. He is safe and warm and smells like heaven. He makes you want to lay with him and close your eyes and hold on as tight as you possibly can. He has a kind heart. He has a goodness in him that he may not see in himself. Although, you always see it. He cares so much about the people in his life and will do whatever he can to make his friends happy. He has this adorable smile that he doesn't like to show, but it's pure and lovely and joyful it makes you want to be around him even more. Before you even know it you are falling for this strong, handsome, smart boy who makes everything better. He shows up at just the right time and make you wonder how you did anything without him before. He is independent and strong which is so incredibly attractive. He looks at you with those deep dark eyes and you want to be around him and to support him as much as you can. He deserves to get so much in this world.
by Highfunctioningjoojooeyeball August 08, 2017
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