Usually referring to a rather large butt
Look at her butt!! That joint fat
by Gemini______ March 14, 2017
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Somebody or something that is cool awesome."That ride is really FAT!!Hit the hydros!!",Hey Girl that hairdo you got done looks FAT!!"(ref: 80's talk)
by massivet33 November 27, 2015
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not really a thing except you're like 100000lbs which i doubt :) anyways you are not fat...nobody is fat and nobody is skinny and nobody is ugly everybody is beautiful :) but like 4real people call you fat when they want attention from you like fuck them tbh you really shouldn't care....and if you feel fat then you're wrong cuz you're not :)
guy: ew you're fat
me: bruh do i look like i care <3
by bruh_bruh and bruh January 24, 2018
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(1 β€œhey jeff, your a β€œfucking hoe”
(2 hey Dude, that girls fattttt
by Owen_da_bitch February 16, 2020
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