The obnoxious sound reverberating from the lower cheeks of an overweight woman.
Larry was always whinning util Jim told him that enough is enough, "I'd rather hear a fat woman fart than a grown man cry"!
by Tomtwice December 05, 2007
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A woman that is both fat and angry at the world in general and often has the belief that a person that is going to go down should go down in flames.
Rhia is a angry fat woman who thinks that Dark Armor is awesome.
by Aster01 July 06, 2008
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A women who considers herself to be obese in a society that ridicules and demonizes obesity, but is accepting and confident of her size; either because she is proud of her figure or because of naturally confident inclinations. Women confident in their larger body mass reject the societal stereotypes of self loathing due to their size, and often reject the societal pressure to conform and loose weight to fit in.

A new bread of 'fat confident women' actively rebel against pressure to loose weight and are offended by the prejudice, demonization of obesity and discrimination they may receive because of their size. They also do not tolerate 'fatism' and will celebrate their size in a 'thincentric' society, regardless of criticism and prejudice they may receive for doing so. They celebrate their sexuality with those who are attracted to a larger figure and make no apologies for their size.

Other types of confident fat woman may derive their confidence because they enjoy their size, or because they place little importance on their size, or they may have previously lacked confidence because of their size, but have grown to accept themselves the way they are, though they may or may not still have a desire to loose weight.
confident fat woman bbw fat fatism weight weight watchers fat acceptance
by SoyaSlap July 21, 2010
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A fat British woman is an overweight British woman/girl most of the time will date a back African man
Wow that fat British woman is so fat she has her own satellite
by The real pewds April 21, 2019
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