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Fat Kid Syndrome is a very common disease among young to middle aged men/boys which causes one to break out in proclamations of love for any member of the preferred sex showing the slightest bit of attention and/or infatuation. Therefore leading to immense heartbreak and or sudden pains in the lower abdomen symptoms include various pictures of said adored person posted throughout their myspace profile, extreme desperation such as exchanging affection and "love" through imaginary and e-relationships, and loss of time attempting to swoon said person resulting in loss of friends and being kicked out your band
RidgeWay- heyy i hear our former band member has Fat kid syndrome
Coonie- yuhhh
by Ridgeway Maker November 20, 2007
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when one constantly thinks about food. It is especially common to think about eating a meal and think about another.
man, this burrito is delicious...i want french fries. 5 minutes and 3 hamburgers later...i want ice cream...and fish sticks.

damn dude you got major fat kid syndrome.
by Fiddlefitfingers April 11, 2010
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(n) When a person becomes lethargic and disabled to perform any physical acts. The person will have heavy breathing, sweating and/or trouble walking. This syndrome is caused by a physical activity or a heavy meal. The side effects also includes drowsiness and unconscious. It is closely related to food coma.
Guy A: I walked two blocked and now I'm sweating and breathing like a fat kid.

Guy B: Oh, you just have Fat Kid Syndrome
by iCyLabel January 19, 2009
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