It’s almost big dick energy but just the right amount of wrong. For example, when you won a Kanye West look a like contest or you’re really successful at a really shitty thing.
He: Did you hear about Ben maxing out his loyalty punch card at the casino?

Her: Yeah, he’s got that fat dick spirit.
by Fatdickspiritenergy January 13, 2019
To have "Fat Dick Spirit" is to have Big Dick Energy, only it's far better. You can receive no higher honor than someone describing you as having Fat Dick Spirit.
- "YO!! Look at that dude he has such a Fat Dick Spirit! He doesn't give a fuck."
- "Woah you're right i wish my dick spirit was that fat..."
- "Yeah man, you can tell he's a baller."
by 69MeatMyBeat69 November 23, 2019