A word used to describe Lee Coughlin
Lee’s the biggest fat cunt of all!
by Jesus Christ 02 August 8, 2019
Fat kid: hi

Another not fat kid: fat cunt kys fat cunt
Fat kid : sadly jumps of a bridge
by The kid who writes stuff October 21, 2021
For people cheating there diet
Ussaully applying it when taking the piss out of somebody appearance even when skinny, or to tell someone to stop eating.

E.G : U just ate my packet of Tim Tams U fat cunt.
E.G : oi fat cunt "no fuck off U drop kick"
by Send me nudes pls January 22, 2021
Mainly found in Males at the age of 18 years old, whos name starts with a K and ends with an N.
Commonly referred to this type of person as "A Fat Cunt with no life."

The known effects of this syndrome are:
1. No Life
2. Extremely obese
3. Retarded

Not all effects of this syndrome have been listed.

Any person retains the right to call this person a racial slur or any other type of slur.
Hey man, don't look at that guy he has Fat Cunt Syndrome.
by The Big Man 69420 July 9, 2022