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Fast-talkin' is when you "slur" or "run" your words together so that it all comes out as one long vocalization withholding the gaps that would normally fit between words. It's simply a more relaxed, gangsta, stoner friendly, chilled out, way of speaking, especially between peers. SOME-TIMES - When - we - speak - too - properly, - our - communication - can - sound, - and - come - across - as - aloof - and - even - rude. So sumtimez, yoozgotstuh jusss letit rolloffyuhtung. yuhnowwuteyesane?
fast-talkin - is an American slang or lingo usually used by young people and is a prefered way to communicate without sounding stuffy and uptight."

For example: "You know what I am saying?" could come out more like "nowuteyesane?"

Person #1: Yo brotha, howyew doon? I hopeyuh goodcuz I'maneed me sum cheerin up tuhday, nowuteyesane dawg?

Person #2: What? Are you speaking English? Get an education! My goodness me oh my.

Person #1: Dood, I'am fuckin ED-JEW-CAITED, whuthuhfukyew trippin foe? I'wuz fast-talkin' doo..(or "What's up with you? could come out like "whachupitchoo?")

Person #2: Well I do not approve of your horribly pronounced speech, it makes me VERY UNcomfortable.

Person #1: Whachupitchoo man? Yewneeduh chill out mothafuckuh.
by St. Justael September 28, 2013
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