The term "fashioncore" has NOTHING to do with clothing! Anyone who hears the term "fashioncore" and assumes it's hardcore band who's members are in some specific way fashionable, you are completely retarded. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A FASHION STYLE! The REAL idea behind the term is a hardcore style of music that is very similar to the "Heroine" album by FFTL. Can possibly described as a hardcore band crossed with techno. A lot of electronic noises and electrionic drums, hardcore style.

stupid female who thinks her life is music but doesn't even play an instrument or sing: Hey, did you see that band that was dressed so hawt at Warped Tour yesterday?

similar stupid female: ZOMG yes! They were so fucking hott! They are so definitely fashioncore. I loved the singers hair, IT WAS THE SEX!


Musician One: Hey dude, did you check out FFTL's Heroine album yet?

Musician Two: Fuck yeah dude! I love it! It's like Kill Hannah and FFTL smashed their faces together and this is what happened.
by la la fuck face I love chelsea September 04, 2007
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