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fashion kids are pretty much just scene kids. the only difference is that when the fashion kids go to shows (concerts) they are more into the fashion and not so much the music. fashion kids are loyal to the thrift shop and homemade clothing. their wild hair and out of wight fashion is not just for the attention (even though it helps) it is to show their personality and creativity. these kids usually only hang out with people of the same scene and represent their scene. standing up for their scene when bullied scores them major scene points. the scenesterwith the most scene points is usually the scene control.
the make the scene rules.

these are some typical ways to spot a fashion kid:

+ medium to short legth hair(usually langer in front)
+ choppy layers (home cut)
+ dyed black or neon colors
+ 2+ different colors in hair
+ hair covers *atleast* one eye
+ wear eyeliner or pink/redish eyeshadow (all around eyes)
+ most likely has a lip peircing or other face peircings
+ sometimes has gauged ears
+ wear tight band t-shirts or plain black tees
+ sometimes wear big coats w/ fuzzy hoods
+ they are mostly seen wearing scarves
+ wear homemade tight pants or girl pants
+ usually have bandanas on head, around neck, or in back pocket
+ wearS slip-on vans (usually checkered)

+ has hair similar to the guys (short to medium)
+ usually has bleach blond hair or black hair
+ 2+ differnt colored streaks
+ wears dark eyeshadow and thick black eyeliner
+ usually has one gauged ear
+ wears big plastic necklaces (sometime the fake pearls)
+ wears vintage shirts or band tees
+ wears tight pants
+ also could be wearing short skirts with leggings underneath
+ sometimes wears white stud belts
+ wears slip-on's or balerina shoes
VALerie|OMFGZZ did u c that scene guy 2dayz.|
XxXscenesterXxX|OMFGSTFU no where.|
VALerie|OMGHDUNS yus a nigg. whit jamey he was such a fashion kid.|
XxXscenesterXxX|oh yezzz. he was soo sexx. is he in jameys scene?|
VALerie|uh huz.|
by sceneXcore[702] June 16, 2006
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we are NOT to be mistaken with scene
we are the upcoming generation,
which will probably also be covered in fakers in a few years, but for now, it is a select group.
we take pride in our appearance,
and we are, believe it or not, more high-maintenance than scene kids. we are obsessivley skinny, most of the guys are gay/bi, but a few are staright. we focus on the latest HIGH FASHION/COTOURE trends. we obsessivley read fashion mags, and watch shows like americas next top model, project runway, and nip/tuck. most want to have plastic surgery,and most have an eating disorder. many make their own clothes, and/or model their own/their friends designes. they use british slang, and MAINLY reside in the UK. they listen to pop/techno elcetro, electronica, music. they have unusual hair, ad are over-critical. perfection is their life.

clothed in:
lots of jewelry/accesories.
cowboy boots/boots.
homemade creative touches/clothes.
designer names.
ex. of fashion kids listed below.

fashio kids are associated with the following:
slang: british terms. fir, raw, tool.

pauljoe, gucci, prada, andy warhol, dolce & gabbana, blumenaire, burberry.

convo: boy1: did you see her shoes?
boy2- yeah, they were so repulsive.
boy1- i know, cheap knockoffs of marc jacobs. whatever.
boy2- yeah what a tool.
boy1-but did you see that guy?
boy-I know, he was SO fit.
boy2- and those boots are mad raw.
boy1- lets go buy some. :
by Nathalia November 10, 2006
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