The Nazi’s in Germany, the Falangists in Spain, and college football in the United States.
"I may not believe in fascism, but I sure do believe in the Oregon State Beavers."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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Fascism is the current idea of the government of the USA ran under George W. Bush that advocates complete loyalty to the government, more money for military power and ruthless corporate dominance. Not completely amazing George W. Bush's views are fascist, seeing how his grandfather Prescott Bush worked with the Axis powers.
Those who oppose fascism in the USA are sometimes quietly detained never to be seen again.
European: There should be an uprising to bring the the fascist United States of America.

Canadian: Ya to bad people are too bull-headed and scared to start the revolution against the evils of fascism.
by Revolutionist_71 March 24, 2008
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There is a lot of talk about Fascism. Is it truly Fascism that the conservative people are after, or is it a balancing of the ideals of the American way of life? From all of the talk of those who hold to a liberal mindset, the definition of Fascism is more definitive of them. They can not be reasoned with, which is an aspect of Fascism. Their beliefs come first, which, again, is a point of Fascism. Their ideas of equality rest only in their point of view, which is again, Fascism. It is time to turn off the rhetoric and look at the base core of the talk. Is it one group that wants everything for everyone? A Shangri-La, or Nirvana where all are equal, and no one is ever left out from anything? If this is what the left wants, it might exist for a time, a short time, but chaos and deprivation will follow it, and destroy it. It is far better to have what you currently have, and to work to improve yourself, than to have what you desire handed to you. What is freely given, in this material world is easily lost, or set aside as not being worthwhile. Why, it was not worked for, it is seen as being easily replaced. What is worked for is valued. That is the way that anything of value is obtained. The cry of Fascism from those that are leading the effort is a lie, being used to get what they want, regardless of how much trouble it creates for anyone else. It is nothing more than a power grab, and useful idiots are their cannon fodder.
Fascism's definition is being twisted into a concept that is not described by the word itself.
by alternativesalternatives February 13, 2017
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The mortal enemy of anarchists. They must fight it at all costs.
Oh great. The fascists are back. Anyone willing to take them on?
by Eddy December 23, 2003
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An economic system under which all property is privately owned by a minoroty of the population, is highly regulated by a national government, while opposition is rigorously suppressed.
by ralph February 02, 2004
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arbitrary elitism; fascism is a belief that a particular entity is superior to all others without objective criteria to support that belief;
The Nazi expressions uber alles and master race and Nazi philosophy that races exist at its pleasure quintessentially represent arbitrary elitism, fascism. Currently, circa 2000, governments which, in fact, virtually, if not literally, serve principally the special interests of a few, are, in fact, de facto fascist governments.
by PonyTail March 10, 2006
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Fascism is a response by right-wing capitalists in a given country to any kind of broadly powerful working class mass democratic and libertarian social movement.

In many Western and Latin American countries (as well as some in Asia) the right tries very hard to seem like it is nice and friendly and about freedom -- until working class people are finally fed up with them and their constant exploitation and desire to control everything -- and then the right gives money and support to fringe political parties or supports right-wing generals in the military that say they will smash the workers movements. This leads to a fascist society.
Fascism was effective at supporting ruling class capitalist interests when (Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, Pinochet, General Tojo) crushed the workers movements in their respective countries.
by word bird June 11, 2009
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