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A fart trapped between two turds; desperate to escape, the fart propels the first turd with intense velocity. Often gives the feeling of having the runs, however in most situations this is not the case.
I was dying on a dump this morning, 100% touching cloth, I thought I had the shits - but as it happens it was just a fart sandwich.
by Rob Mitchell December 06, 2006
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When you flatulate into the palm of you're hand, close it and proceed to cover a loved one's mouth with your fart hand. Thus, asserting the fart smell onto their lips and ultimately, into their mouth.
Frederick: Oh man. not again! This one taste kind of good actually.
by Fagman Joe July 26, 2010
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Where one passes wind into the palms of their cupped hands, thereby trapping the odour, then releasing the odour into the face of an unsuspecting victim.
Andy nearly threw up after that fart sandwich
by Alz and Levi March 08, 2007
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When a small fart is passed and remains caught as a small bubble between the butt cheeks.
I felt the filling of my fart sandwich slowly inching to the top of the crack, thus I knew its release was imminent.
by Mona Swompp October 20, 2007
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The act of, while in the bath, placing one's testicles over one's anus and farting
Sam: I made a fart sandwich last night
James: That's grim
Adam: I can't do that, my balls aren't stretchy enough
by fingerfucker May 21, 2016
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