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to break wind in the cup of your hand and wave it up to a friend's nose and mouth area so that they get a fresh dose of the wretched gas.
Bird gave David a "good game" as Goodbary gagged after David handed him a potent fart muffin as they sat in the President's office discussing the master plan.
by CPE-33 April 09, 2006
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someone who brings an unpleasant vibe into an already good atmosphere
What a fartmuffin, he just killed the entire party
by RichForever November 20, 2017
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When you fart so hard that a little bit of poo pokes out of your butthole.
Guy 1: I heard you had a fart muffin at the club the other day...are you alright?
Guy 2: I think I'll be okay. Stephanie still hasn't called me back, man I regret that tacobell.
by maaayn November 03, 2015
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