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Farmwell station middle school is a fairly large school in Ashburn, Virginia. More specifically in the richest county in the country... loudoun county. The girls at this school are either very preppy wearing expensive Hollister and pacsun clothes and pink yoga pants and pearls or they are just in the " bad kid" group where they are predominately Spanish and don't care about school..only guys and typically girl drama. There is also a group of the artsy kids who dance or like to be in school plays. Then there are just the outcasts. And no one can forget the incident where eighth graders decided to bring pot brownies to school. The guys also rock bieber haircuts or Buzz cuts. They wear polos and occasionally khaki pants but they love lacrosse shorts. Farmwell is just a total rich school kids school
A farmwell station middle school student: "if you shop at target, you too cheap to be my friend."
by jellybeanstalker March 29, 2013
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