When Three or more participate in the act of trapping each other under bed covers after releasing vile ass fumes. The Wind Farm is created by the combination of farticles in an upgraded Dutch Oven.
Jamie, Scott and their dog Lefty were in bed; Scott vomited on the sheets when his wife and his dog gave him the white castle Wind Farm edition of the dutch oven.
by Chedward Lazaro March 10, 2015
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When you suck the dick of the neighborhood weed dealer for free ganga while your husband watches in a horny envy.
Woodgate farming is great girl! I love getting free supply in exchange for my decency. I am such a stoner!!!!
by Ribrobbro May 1, 2022
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Quite possibly the greatest neighborhood of all time, Woodland Farms has produced more legends than any other neighborhood in the United States since the National Neighborhood Rankings (INR) were established in 1912.

notable achievements:
NNR #1 neighborhood in the nation: 1991-present
Heights of North Park Hockey Champions: 2002-2003
Rowan Road Hockey Champions: 1997-2003

notable busts:
josh banas
tom pavia
brian merzlack
evan biganski
justin schmidt
by wfwl October 30, 2009
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a way of wasting time of youre life while you can play on a private server and get to lvl 110 in 2hours.
this way is much better. we can make private servers great again.
dont play wow, play private servers instead. world of warcraft farming
by wowprivateserversopop February 15, 2017
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To get so drunk that you shit in your or your girlfriend's bra and then throw it up a tree, lamppost, aerial etc.
I got so shit faced last night I did a worthy farm at my girlfriend's parents house, to say she was displeased was an understatement.
by Oz10expl June 30, 2022
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After listing my vegetables as being sourced from my vegan farm, their sales at Whole foods are through the roof!
by Ooga Booga Booga June 16, 2017
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