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1. Derogatory term for an exceptionally annoying fangirl. The term can be seen quite frequently in fan forums or places where fans can congregate and share messages, such as the comments section when YouTubing for music video clips. Most commonly used by people that are irritated by behaviour they consider to be vapid, shallow and superficial.

2. A term used to describe an exceptionally blind and loyal fanboy. It is most commonly used as an insult between fanboys, when an argument about certain elements of geek culture escalates.
Fangirl 2: god I luv this video ^_^
Fangirl 3: omg that boy is sexy...
Fangirl 4: He is soooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!1
Fangirl 5: its so... hot... i'll b ur new bride!
Fangirl 6: oh my god...*faints* AGH!!
Fangirl 7: HOLY S--!!! He IS hawt!!! Wtf? Wow...he's mine.
Disgruntled Guy: God, you little fangirls need to just die.

Fanboy 1: You're just angry that you bought the Xbox version when you could have had the better product for PS2 WITH online gameplay.
Fanboy 2: You're just a blind PS2 fanbitch. Fact is, the PS2 isn't a better product...
by What is Fanbitch? June 21, 2006
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A fanboy or fan girl who is so in love with a subject that they will fight tooth and nail to defend the smallest details and usually does so in an annoying fashion.
James was being such a fan bitch last night. I mentioned how Final Fantasy is getting away from its roots and he nearly screamed his lungs out about how I was a retard and ought to be killed for saying so.
by Zethire November 08, 2010
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