Family values are values which dictates how a family lives. One family might value healthy habits, while another family might value anarchy, thus having no values (still having no values is a value).
Father #1: What have I told you before son? No smoking coccaine in the house! I value healthy habits and I'll make sure this whole family values it as well!

Father #2: Son, remember this value, no values are good values. So if you forget this value well good for you! Now have some of this fine coccaine!
by Chronic Logic March 8, 2007
an annual tour started by KoRn. Features a few good bands (Korn,Staind,Static-X and Sevendust) and a couple other bands that i don't really like (Linkin Park)
Linkin Park fan: "Linkin Park was great today!"
Me:"Staind was better when they did "Crawl" with Static-X"
by perons who knows his shit November 3, 2003
The family values epitomized by far right polititians and pundits including (a) phone sex with subordinates, (b) prescription drug abuse, (c) republiporn such as Scooter Libby's novel about prepubescent girls being raped by bears or Lynne Cheney's novel about lesbian sex in the old west, (d) public uses of expletives and (e) underage drinking and drug use by sons and daughters.

Now that Tom was in the top 1% tax bracket, he could openly display his Republican family values by sharing his cocaine with his kid's babysitter.
by Lawyerbot November 17, 2005
a phrase used to describe family who think they are better than others, have multiple kids out of wedlock, cheat on their wives, wives would never leave because they are too weak, 2nd and 3rd generation KKK members, there is a closeted family member, don't know the meaning of nepotism, but practice it because their kids aren't smart enough to be successful on their own, and the family loves the Palins, Bushes, and Reagan... They want everything to be like the old days, when white people were in power...
Now, those George's, they are the ultimate family values hypocrites...
by selgville153 November 26, 2010
A point of time where you are busy or want to hang out with friends but your parents say no because you're family wants to fucking spend time with you or they make you do chores or something gay like that.
1. Dude, you want to go hang out today?

can't,im getting pwned by family values.

you're such a faggot. you're always getting pwned family values, douchebag.

fuck you!

2. Dude, for the 4 day weekend coming up, i can't hang out cuz im getting pwned by family values. they want to "spend time with me"

haha, you stupid bitch
by Carne Estrada February 13, 2009