The moment of intense laughter when something unbelievably random happens, which must be said in an american accent.
wow that was a family guy moment!
by buttonsex December 04, 2010
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a simple ironic meme turned into a phenomenon. the origin story is that there are a ton of low-quality youtube channels that simply post clips from family guy tagged as funny moments. the comments on these videos are inhuman gibberish written by small children, thus causing a meme to be born involving incoherent praise for peter griffin, low quality heavily filtered images, and other facebook-esque garbage including "LIKE FOR A FREE IPHONE 7"

the meme is well known because it has lasted for a very, very long time,much longer than any ironic meme to date.
by just a prank, bro! March 26, 2017
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Compilations of the greatest family guy moments on YouTube, while some can be a a good watch, most prefer to zoom in and cut out all the jokes
I was trying to watch family guy funny moments but he cut out the best part!
by SeeGuy November 03, 2020
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