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The anxiety, worry, despair and insanity a person may feel or deal with regarding any small or large family interaction or assembly; this is usually based on the perceived right and responsibility of kin to be annoying, to be annoyed and disgusted with you, to be rude, unsupportive, condescending, derogatory; to question and disapprove of everything you think or do “on principle”; to basically butt heads and accept this mutual condemnation because “love means never having to say you’re sorry” (the only situation in which this idiotic & insane epitaph could possibly apply).
Vivian dreads her annual family reunion picnic so much that this familial dementia mutates into insane schemes, such as supposed tropical diseases or covert government secret missions, the details of which she cannot reveal even to her mother, in order to keep herself from having to attend.
by ChezCinque August 17, 2011
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