short for family, or meaning friend
PussyDestroyer15: you fam that was dope

Normal Person: What do you do for a living, vape?
by Millenidumb March 18, 2017
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A Short way Of saying family, But It usually represents a group of Friends...
*Walks into a turnt party* WAT UP FAM!!
by Minerwithcomedy June 18, 2017
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People who are in your ''gang'' you trust them with your life and with pretty much everything else.
Ma Fam Wus Bre Haps
Yeah Fam
by Sirenurty November 08, 2008
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the ebonic term for saying hello to a close loved one or another term for a person you get along dearly with
Hey, what up fam? What be crackin', son?
by weave March 22, 2003
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Like the saying brother from another mother or sister from a different mister.
Aye bro. We aren't related but you're fam. ☺️
by Mad July 01, 2015
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