UK slag,

Stolen goods. articles who's origin is not strictly legal.
(also 'fall off the back of a lorry')
"Nice telly"
"Yeah fell of the back of a truck"
by black flag June 5, 2004
1. The action by which an item (primarily electronics) becomes stock at a store.

2. A term associated with mob franchises and the fencing of stolen goods.
"So Bob, how can you afford a plasma screen tv, with you being out of work and all?"

"I picked it up cheap from a guy who said it fell off the back of a truck."
"How dumb do they think I am?" thought the new teacher as she surveyed her new pupils. "Do they think I fell off the turnip truck yesterday?"
by mozelle58 June 6, 2004
Jane used to get good grades until she fell off the truck. Now she's locked away in the mental instition and eats her food through a straw all day.
by Tim June 4, 2004
To be naive, uninformed, or unsophisticated, in the manner of a rustic person.
"fall off a turnip truck" has the same meaning as "I wasn't born yesterday", pretty much.
by mdwinston December 17, 2016