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1) a) Reference to the act of using a Loofah, or as Bill O'Reilly called them in another dizzin' display of his cultural ig-knowledge, a Falafel, as a sexually arousing device to increase pleasure either before, during, or after sex, perhaps mainly used during shower or bath time sexual encounters and with soap to increase lubrication/decrease the abrassiveness of the 'Falafel'. b) It is possible to falafel something on someones elses body with your own body or foreign object in a humours sexual/nonsexual/nonserious/playful manner. This is better described by example below.

This is even funnier when you think of how much of a womanizing skeezey douchbag Bill O'Reilly is.

2) It has also had recent application to the act of bending the facts, or ignoring them all together, in a biased, childish, non-professional manner during a report, rant or debate in a non-humorous manner, often exciting contempt for the person performing the 'falafeling', e.g. The O'Rielly Factor

Also has the same effect with Falafeling, Falafeled, Falafelly, etc
1) a) I covered her whole body with soap using her loofa. But when she placed my hand & the loofa between hers legs and said 'Falafal it, baby!' I knew there was no way to get this dirty girl clean.
b) Francis had me in a headlock as I was trying to lay her drunk a$$ on the bed, pulling me into her chest. After failing to escape her grib several times, she told me I needed a new plan, and that I should try 'to falafel it'. (This is diction, you can assume all you want about the connotation).

2) Dude, falafel it all you want, but the facts are facts.
by Damn Kaufman January 11, 2007
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