A person who pretends to like/listen to others as long as they can get something from them. Does nothing for anyone. When called on for doing something fake, can play innocent and act like the victim.
Person 1 "Your so fake, when is the last time you did anything for anybody but yourself?"
Fakey "I'm sorry, I thought we were friends." alternatively "Here's five bucks."
by Joe Malarney March 23, 2006
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One who takes innumerable amounts of pictures of oneself (see: picture whore) in an attempt to appear naturally photogenic, and be able to conceal one's true mood or feelings towards another individual or clique.
Tom: Man, that Courtney girl is totally into the same shit as me, and she's smokin too!
Roy: Ah dude, forget about it, she's fake.
Tom: Oh. Damn.
by lmaobourghini June 06, 2006
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1. To conceal the defects of or make appear more attractive, interesting, valuable, etc., usually in order to deceive.

2. A wannabe, or poser.
That kid is so fake, just like David Colin.
by S. Randal July 04, 2009
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Though also applied to bitches who bail out going to the movies one night. A faker is also applied to those on the internet who commit the act of Identity Theft.
Usually scene kids and emo kids are hit as they are the "in" thing (or obscenely hot whores or traps such as Izzy Hilton), the faker assumes their identity, claiming internet boyfriends/girlfriends. Compliments. Also creating enemies for the victim of the theft. Fakes are able to obtain n00ds from various people by using this method and/or crushing people and their trust/making a complete fool out of them. Fame can also be obtained by using this method.
Boy 1: Woah this chick is damn fine!
Boy 2: Yeah there's around 120 different profiles using the same photo too
Boy 1: Damn fakes..
by sammichesupindishoe April 11, 2010
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A girl who tends to date younger men...i mean boys..
a cougar but not hot...definatly not hot
random 1: why do u have a car seat in your car?
random 2: its for my boyfriend
Random 1: oh...your such a fake
by Hlobo Sasnal June 07, 2010
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acting like something that ur not

acting a differnt infront of people
billy: l hate yu

audenice: ohhh


next day

billy calls johnny the next day: hey yu wanna hang out

johnny:wow ur fake
by bbbbjjffhh March 16, 2008
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