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Someone that does summer league and goes on social media and posts like they actually are committed to the sport. These people will usually try to pull off many comments and actions that a real swimmer would typically do/ say such as eating excessive amounts of food, shaving, buying tech suits, and having numerous pairs of goggles. These kids haven't broken 30 in their 50 free and don't even look like that's what's going to happen. Most times these kids are unathletic and too lazy to club swim in the winter. These kids have never and will never qualify for the end of season championship.
Swimmer 1: Did you see Bob's Instagram post?

Swimmer 2: Yeah, he's such a fake swimmer.
Swimmer 1: I agree! He hasn't even broken 30 in his 50 free!
Swimmer 2: That's pretty pothetic
by shout out to all my pears August 09, 2015
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